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About VInce

About VInce

Hello there! My name is Vinny and I am a quiet, casual, relaxed and happy-go-lucky kind of guy. No drama. I am from San Diego, California. Like swimming, snorkeling, camping out in nature, reading, bicycling, dancing, and having fun. I am young at heart, sometimes I feel like I am 12 years old :) I like music and sometimes go to music festivals and Burning Man. Am vegetarian, except I eat fish once in a while (don't tell anybody ?) am careful about good karma and I like to laugh a lot. I am single with no children, but I have 6 siblings back in the Hawaii and the United States that I am see from time to time. I am spiritual. I meditate and pray every morning, first thing. But I am not a saint and I respect all religions and all spiritual beliefs. I am in excellent shape because I am health conscious and like to stay in shape, work out almost everyday and like to take long walks and do lots of yoga for flexibility and strength. I am 62, but have at least 30 to 40 good years left in my tank :) My doctor calls me the “Miracle Man” haha. I have two Master's degrees and have helped start up a couple of companies and have done a lot of software development. I am not rich, but I have enough so that I don't have to work if I don't want to. I am always looking for new financial opportunities and there are many in Southern California! I am currently self employed - I do consulting work in Los Angeles. I do have a dream project that will blow your mind - it involves buying land in the mountains of California.



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  • Saida
    23 February 2019
    It was funny and informative. I enjoyed it 😊