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Welcome to Kiev, one of the oldest and greenest capitals of Europe. Kiev is a very neat and well-organized city where you can discover most of the city highlights in a 6 hours Kiev private tour and enjoy rest of your time by discovering local market places, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Kiev has been subjected to plenty of historical struggles and yet people of the city managed to create a green, well-developed and shining capital. Besides the city shelters lots of historical and natural attractions, people in Kiev like to socialize outside. Therefore you can find world-class restaurants, bars and clubs which are undoubtedly inexpensive. This makes Kiev such a heaven for backpackers. However, there are also very expensive places with questionable quality as the tourism industry is growing over years. To avoid from such places and make sure that you have an authentic city experience, let’s have a quick look on things to do in Kiev together.

Your Kiev private tour should start with the “classics” to have a general idea about city’s cultural and historical heritage. Your Kiev local guide will show you the most important landmarks such as Kiev Pechersk Lavra, golden gate, post office square, Mariinsky Park and World War II Museum. Here are some facts about these places that may attract a wanderer’s mind:

Kiev Pechersk Lavra is one of the most important centers of Orthodox Church and it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sit. Lavra shelters various architectural monuments from bell towers to cave systems. Your Kiev Local Guide will tell the stories of Great Lavra Belltower, Dormition Cathedral and fortification walls.

Golden Gate in Kiev as known as the gate of 11th century fortifications in Kiev. It was inspired from Golden Gate of Constantinople. It has been through major renovations to recreate its original look. You can have a great panoramic city view on top of golden domes of the gate with your Kiev Tour Guide.

Post office square is one of the oldest pedestrian squares of Kiev. Recently archaeological findings from 4th of century has been found there. This place is ideal for a walking tour since it is located next to Dnieper riverfront.

As in all modern and well-developed cities, Kiev has many natural parks. Mariinsky Park is a natural park which is centered at the heart of Kiev. Your Kiev local guide will show you the impressive fountain of Mariinsky park and tell the stories of sculptures during your walking tour.

After your classic Kiev Private Tour, you can go Andriyivskyy Descent for shopping, dining and visit some of the best art galleries in Kiev. Moreover the famous author Mikhail Bulgakov’s house is located in this street. It is also a market place which hosts local artisans and handicrafts. If you never heard the word of “Babushka” which means hard working Ukranian woman, you are going to explore it in this market place! After you get the most exceptional souvenirs, don’t forget to visit Sculpture Alley which is one of the most romantic places in the city.

By the way, As you may have heard before, nightlife in Kiev is something! There are complex bars which bring restaurant, karaoke, cocktail bar and club concepts together as well as rooftop bars with beautiful city view. You can find open clubs in week days and they are open until early morning. Also, nightlife prices in Kiev is very reasonable. You don’t have to spend extreme amount of money to have fun in this beautiful city. Your Kiev Local Guide will help you to avoid from showy places and you will enjoy vibrant nightlife in Kiev.

All in all it is a quick overview of things to see in Kiev. Your Kiev local guide will create a route suits your interests. Reserve your guide now for a memorable journey in Kiev!

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