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  • Meliksah
    22 March 2019
    Last day but not least, we had seen Istanbul Art Museum then enjoyed an Iskender and a Karadeniz Pidesi, she liked pide more. It was kinda sad and beautiful at the same time while saying Good Bye to each other.
  • Meliksah
    21 March 2019
    We went to historical areas and visited Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Bacillia Cistern then we went to Galata Tower to enjoy the great view of Istanbul.
  • Meliksah
    20 March 2019
    She was really cheerful and easy going. A decent girl from France. As much as i have heard from her she is planning to come back to Istanbul.
  • Meliksah
    19 March 2019
    It was our first day, we went to Prince Islands with her while chatting and getting know each other. She was also a smoker like me so we both took cigarette breaks which created a balance in our journey. We had walked around the Prince Islands and enjoyed those beautiful homes all around. It was a decent trip.