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About Meliksah

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About Meliksah

I am a very passionate person but picky about what it is going to be. I am a very open-minded, respectful to all lifestyles and thoughts kinda person. I really like structured criticism, it can criticize directly me or my thoughts. I see it as thought provoking exercise which helps me to see things from different angle therefore helps to expand my understanding of life. People can talk with me about ANYTHING. I have no red lines that you shouldn't talk or ask about. The more weird you are the more fun there for me :). You can ask me to go anywhere at anytime. I like adventures. My knowledge of our culture will save our ass if something goes wrong while we are seeking for an adventure If you need someone energetic talkative and a little bit crazy, i am your guy.



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Guest Reviews

  • Karl
    07 July 2019
    Meliksah is a great guide. He was very knowledgable and happy to address any questions about life in Istanbul/Turkey. He helped us plan our day and saved us time by avoiding the long lines for popular tourist sites. He was personable, easy-going and had a very good sense of humor. We were able to joke around during the day which made it more fun. At the end of the day, we had an excellent tour and made a new friend. I highly recommend Meliksah as your guide in Istanbul.
  • Khalil
    02 July 2019
    Meliksah or the shorts man as I call him or even better the man of missions impossible !! I booked him as a tour guide and personal assistant to help me get married but in the end I ended up having more, I ended up having a brother and a best friend we had such an amazing experience me and him and my beloved wife, we needed to get married withing 22 days and he managed to pull that off in even a shorter time !! he over delivered as he always do and I tipped him and you should do like wise because you are gonna be on a tour of your life time I super duper recommend this guy he is no mainstream he is unique and special thank you so much my brother I hope we see each other very soon !!
  • Oksana
    27 June 2019
    It was such a pleasure to have Meliksah as our guide. I had a 20 hour layover in Istanbul and decided to book a hotel and find a local guide to show me around. I wanted to see as much a possible but the challenge was that I was with my 5 year old son. Meliksah was such a great find! He was absolutely amazing to my son and now Danny says they are friends forever. Meliksah is highly energetic, knowledgeable and very considerate of what we wanted to do. I would definitely recommend having him as a guide!
  • Harma
    10 May 2019
    Yesterday we went on tour with Meliksah again. This time he told us about all the culinary aspects of Turkey, as we were curious about it, and we had dinner together in a wonderful local restaurant. Both my son and I enjoyed our great conversations. Meliksah is an open minded and very pleasant host. When the tour was finished he even offered us all the help we needed during the rest of our stay! Really nice, so we have a new Turkish friend! Highly recommended!
  • Harma
    09 May 2019
    My son and I did a passage with Meliksah in the Taksim area. Meliksah is a very nice guy, great to talk with about a variety of subjects. He showed us areas and streets where the locals come and that was very nice to see. Tomorrow we go on tour with him again and are looking forward to it!
  • Milouda
    22 March 2019
    Hello maliksah! after this wonderful adventure with you as your guide, I would like to leave you absolutely a review, because I think the truth about you should be read. At my first meeting with maliksah, I felt his conviviality, dynamism and simplicity. he made me feel at home directly. Throughout our trip we spoke on different topics, personal, cultural, humanitarian and on the story of Istanbul. he really knew how to prepare a perfect program for the 4 days spent with him. He introduced me to places to eat local food and it was just delicious, today the only desire I have is to go back to Istanbul, it was magical. I really want to thank you for your open-mindedness, your understanding and for the friendly relationship we have built during my stay. I think that being with someone who really knows the place is very advantageous, it makes the visit easier and saves us time. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Looking forward to seeing you again one day.
  • Auday
    17 March 2019
    Meliksah is awesome, full of energy, extremely honest and real fun to be with. He took me and my wife shopping and then some sightseeing. You don't feel like you are with a stranger, you feel like he is part of the family. We loved him and really felt sorry that the time ended so quick. He makes you feel like you are at home and with someone you can totally trust. I canmot recommend him enough, he exceeded all our expectations and we can't wait to start our second day with him tomorrow. Cheers mate, it was a really fun day today.
  • Kay
    20 February 2019
    Hey it's me again and this is Day 2 review. Well we started at around 12:30 to Grand Bazaar after I changed my mind multiple times because of time limitation. He is precised with his timings and we even have time to go to Indonesian restaurant which I really wanted to go but opt not to considering the timing however we made it anyway thanks to Meliksah. Everything actually went smooth throughout even though the traffic to the airport is killing, and I couldn't thank Meliksah enough for dropping me to the airport because hey surprise! my flight back home was canceled with no advance notification and if it was not because of him I might have been panicking lol. He help to do the talking and get me my new ticket in between people's shouts, some are pushing and got upset. He even stay out of the agreed hours to make sure I'm settled and get caffeinated (which is very important). Hope I can fly back home tonight and anyway, genuinely thanks for the memories, help, recommendation, translation service, brainstorms, money management (money is confusing sometimes --"), photo-taking service(lol) and everything else. I enjoyed the ride in Istanbul, take care and see you when I see you! Ciao~
  • Kay
    19 February 2019
    I can say that Meliksah is one of the highlights from my Istanbul trip. I felt so lucky to have a travel companion who clicked with my impulsive way of thinking, as crazy and consistently in his bubbly vibes. Besides, he will ensure that you will be safe whenever you are with him, be it in the sea of people or even when you cross the roads. Day 1 started when he picked me up from the hotel, super punctual while gave me heads up from D-1 of the route and prices of each attractions in our schedule as well. Day went hassle free since I don't need to think and just follow him instead, plus he's there to answer every single random question I have throughout the journey. Got experienced the tramvay which I have never seen before, and way so happy because I adore local public transportation, well it might be too squeezed at times but hey that's what you call travel experience! Oh, I must say as well that he's a person you can have any discussion with, you can discuss about whatever with him because it was comfortable, no judgement, you say what you say and it is what it is. This Meliksah dude is also very selective with the food quality to introduce you to, the highest rate he gave on this journey was 6,5 for an Iskendar Kebap which i thought was okay! We ate here and there and drinks coffee in between. Thanks to this gentleman who can keep up with my constant coffee craving. I've changed my mind and in love with Turkish coffee too because oh it's sooooo good. Anyway, did I mention that Meliksah is also patience? He doesn't mind to just stand on the balcony of Galata Tower just because I insisted to wait for the sunset or simply letting me to take n number of shots through n number of angles and doesn't mind to take silly pictures of me whenever requested. Super flexible and such a gentleman. He even went to drop me back to my hotel after the experience for safety reason. Thank you for being such a good friend, young man!
  • Dilini
    01 January 2019
    Meliksah is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide/friend (highly recommendable!). I truly enjoyed walking with him everywhere in Princes Island. The scenery was beautiful and it was a relief to walk in such a quiet and peaceful environment. It was a great way to spend time in Istanbul. The atmosphere is so special. All respect for Meliksah who does a great job there; a true sample of excellent tour guide! Meliksah came to my hotel to pick me up right on time, and he was a gentlemen, As a solo traveler I wasn’t scared to go out with him at all (I had bad experience with few Turkish Men previous days, they started to follow me around everywhere I go ). After 10 minutes we met we became very good friend. He’s not only a tour guide, he can be a good friend to you at the same time. I have to mention this, I don’t like to stay near when people smoking, Meliksah is a smoker but, I asked him to not to smoke until we finish our tour, he listen to me and didn’t smoke all day just because of me. Thanks mate appreciate your kindness..  He has this such a friendly atmosphere that I had a fantastic start! The guide and tour was extremely good, very flexible (appreciate this!) and for that he deserves a special thanks. I had a great day with him learn lots of things about Princes Island and general things about Turkey as well, which obviously also added up to the experience. Many thanks again especially for Meliksah and I recommend local experience website to everyone!
  • Gersy
    16 September 2018
    Definitely the best local guide in town to everyone. He is the mastermind to obtain client’s budget & schedule precisely. I don't need to worry about everything once I get there. Ido have the most unforgettable journey and happy trip. Experiencing the train to oversee golden horn and wow moment till I left my jacket there haha, glorious city sightseeing knowledge, best culinary in istanbul, learn Turkish culture, get the bypass way so we able to skip the long line in topkapi palace, drink a delight turkish tea in a borosphorous river where my dream to touch two continents being real, surreal sunset in Galata bridge where I put my heart there, Istanbul town breathtaking view at the night where we spent in Galata tower just impaccable moments too. The best one is we have a full deep life learning through this journey, we talk everything about politics, social culture, history, turkey inside, economical and too many. Finally find the freedom, wanderlust, seeize the moment, laughing, and put into a high on life. My goals! I’m so blessed to meet this friendly, helpful, interactive, honest, and genius person. I’ll comeback for having another adventure with my new kanka (best friend) again. Enjoy every seconds of craziness and flawsome you have. I love the way you fitting me when I get too much taking photos and push me to the next spot, I get your caring and concern dude. I take this as my forever treasure. We're gonna deteriorating someday, but our memories will remains forever. Love kanka and Istanbul.
  • daniela
    22 April 2019
    I wanted to discover the city through a local point of you but I was also interested in understanding the habitants and have someone that could answer all the questions I had about this amazing city. Meliksah did a great job in regards to that and is also someone very easy to talk to and enjoyed our conversation. Thank you
(12 reviews)
€10 / hr
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