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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English, Russian
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  • Meliksah
    18 March 2019
    This is day two for our trip with this decent couple from Dubai. We went to historical places which we visited, Topkapi Palace. Audray really liked the collections of Ottoman Empire, then i promised them to show the real type street foot of Istanbul. Fortunately they liked that food way more than fancy restaurant we had been in at our first day. It was our last trip, but not our last contact for sure.
  • Meliksah
    17 March 2019
    He is and his wife were really decent, educated people. It was lucky for me to exposed their wisdom and friendliness. This was our first day, so we went to Bosphorus tour to enjoy view of Istanbul shores then we went to Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası which is fanciest restaurant that you could find in Taksim. It was a good experience overall with contribution of decent people i was been with.