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About Manthos

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About Manthos

My name is Manthos, I was born in athens and i'm 18 years old. Right now i'm not doing anything special in this city i'm just waiting to get in the university and when i finish with it i hope thst i will become a licensed guide.I really like to take pictures(any kind whether it's nature,bildings or people) and i really enjoy exploring new things new places and obviously meeting new people. About the food I really like to try new kinds of food and other cuisines and i really like to eat sushi . Right now I have no pet...I used to have some goldfishes and rabbits.Now I wish I could get a cat. My favorite part of Athens is ofcourse the center of this city, because you can literally do anything right there and I really like the south side of athens because of the sea and the beatches there...I wish I could some day live there cause i'm such a sea lover. If I ever had a guest and I had the opportunity to guide him I will start off with monastiraki and other parts of the center of Athens at anytime of the day cause I said before the center of this city has everything from restautants to bar to very popular cluds...so I would first guide them throughout the little streets of athens and for sure thoughout the ERMOU street because its the street with the most sotres in Athens and I would end this guide with a drink in a bar. when I first started going out with my friends in Athens I was around 14 years old and I instantly fall in love with the center of this beautiful city, because this part of athens is literally a conbination of the ancient and newer world. I could guide a guest anytime of the day or evening it depends on my schedule.I do not own a car or even know how to drive one. About what I would show to my guests, I think I would show them the food and restaurants in there and help them explore Athens and learn more about this city and I would show them the beatches of Athens and why not how is nightlife in my city. lastly I would love to become a local because i love my city and I would love to show it to foreing people and why not to get to know them better becuase I enjoy to get to know new people



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