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About Markela

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About Markela

Hello my name is Markela and I was born in Piraeus in1986. I have studied interior architecture and design but the last 6 years I work as a freelance graphic designer. I have lived in Berlin, Porto, and Lisbon and I love handmade ceramics, specialty coffee, natural wine, traveling for culture and cooking. If I had 6 hours in Athens I would first of all visit the Parthenon and then get lost in the alleys of Anafiotika and then down to Psiri to grab a bite at one of the local taverns. Then continue through the street market on Athinas str. and finish with a nice cocktail at a terrace-like Bios with the amazing Acropolis view. In the winter time probably drinks at one of the local places around Metaxourgio with Greek live music. I'm a queer non-binary individual with a strong interest in Athens queer activities and of course electronic music. I love hanging out in relaxed bars and joining parties that are inclusive and open to everyone. I love exploring especially in nature. I like food, architecture and history. I strongly dislike posh and pretentious. If you decide to hang out with me you will have the chance to see some of the most interesting and authentic corners of the city as long as your interests fit with all the above. I can't wait to meet you! P.S. I can hang out with you whenever because my schedule is flexible as long as we arrange it 1-2 days in advance.



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