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Athens, Greece
English, Greek, Modern, Arabic, Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan, Turkish, French, Spanish; Castilian
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About Xenia

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About Xenia

My name is xenia. I am 23 years old and I studied Turkish and modern Asian studies. I am a real estate agent in Athens so be prepared to see the architecture of Athens through my eyes. My hobbies are sports, walking and exploring my city and chess. It’s a bit difficult to clarify my favorite cuisine as I love food in general. But I would say Italian and sushi. I adore animals.. I have a parrot named cookie. I wish to take a dog later. My favorite part of the day is the sunset. Everything gets more calm and Athens is so romantic during evening and night. If I had a guest during the daytime definitely we would visit Acropolis, Plaka , psiri, the amazing rooftop cafes with the best view, and the biggest shopping malls. If I had a guest during evening I would take him to the coastline to eat next to the sea and have a drink in one of the million bars and clubs. I always wanted to live in Athens. Even when I was a kid and we were coming just for a couple of days I was feeling such a deep bond with this city. At 18 my dream came true. Now I live here 5 years already but It’s like I came yesterday. Even when I travel my mind is in Athens . I can have guests all the parts of the day. I have a car so I can provide any kind of experience. From arts to driving and dinning. I like to meet new people , practice my foreign languages and also spread my love for Athens to others!!



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