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About EKKA

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About EKKA

Hello I am ekka original from Bangkok i used to live in Russia 1.5 years and Italy 3 years. I have bachelor degree of marketing .right now I work as Korean teacher online and YouTube also on Instagram .i love to learn languages so I m language lover .and sometime I also be guide in Bangkok because I like to meet peoples and practice languages that I have learnt . I love animal so I have 1 dog at home he quiet naughty and cute so I love to play with him and talked with him .sometime he seem understand what I said . Bangkok is very big city as a name. and have many temples and many places interesting .my favorite place is wat arun near the river in Bangkok. good view and beautiful During daytime i would start from wat pho, Buddha reclining then I will bring them to see around this temples and then continue to my favorite temple wat arun and go up to pagoda of this temples to see the view of river and take a boat to see view of the river and see sunset During nighttime it would be very amazing to see dancing fountain in new landmark of Bangkok and I would like to show them china town at night and try street foods and show them famous walking street night club and bar I live in Bangkok for whole life so I know my home very well because I born here and grew up here .so I would like to share amazing Bangkok with guests and beautiful experience in Bangkok .and also It very great time to meet new peoples and new friends from around the world ciao sono ekka da bangkok , thailandia .io ho vivato in roma ,italia per 3 anni . e italia amo tanto .mi piace studiare lingue peche lingue e la porta di mondo . e piacere viggio .quindi viggiamo a bangkok con me .tu sara bangkok ami ^^ Здравствуйте . Меня зовут Экка. из Бангкока я люблю учить язык. и я раньше жил в сибири 1,5 года. так что я могу говорить по русски. тогда пусть путешествуют со мной в Бангкоке и веселятся. 아녕하세요 .전 엨카 예요 .방콬에서 왔어요 .지금 인스타그렘으로 한국어 가르치고 있어요 . 저는 방콬 알았어요 . 방콕 은 내 집이예요 . 그럼 여행하자 ^^고밥습니다 보자

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-taking photo -fare di foto -사진 찍어요 -сфотографировать



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