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Welcome to Bangkok, recently voted one of the most popular cities in the world. Over 15 Million visitors annually seem to confirm this statement.

 Bangkok has the reputation of being the most favored city by tourists from all over the world. What makes it so special is the fact that it is a melting pot of different cultures and a seemingly endless amount of things to do. The words “sensory overload” come to mind when thinking about this giant city with well over 12 Million permanent inhabitants.

Your Bangkok local guide will take you on a Bangkok sightseeing tour that you will not forget 

Do you have a keen interest on mysticism, far-east philosophy and culture? Bangkok, apart from being a dynamic and busy capital, also offers a spiritual and historical feel. The “City of Angels” offers many stunning sites and attractions arising from its unique cultural heritage. Once you book Bangkok personal guide who knows nearly all of them, you will experience this mystic world firsthand. Not just the ones frequented by tourists, like “Wat Pho, but also some local gems and unique locations including Hindu temples, Chinese temples, countless worshiped shrines will be included your Bangkok private tour. If that doesn’t satisfy your hunger for culture, how about a day trip to the former capital of Thailand, the temple city of Ayutthaya? On a day trip to Ayutthaya you will find ancient temples and monasteries dating back to the 14th century. You can combine this trip with a visit to the largest floating market in Thailand. Your Bangkok tour guide will make all the arrangements and make sure you’ll have the cultural experience of a lifetime. There are a number of different floating markets to see in Bangkok, but this one is especially large and colorful. You can visit some of the most outstanding Buddhist temples, culminating in “Wat Phra Kaew” with the stunning Emerald Buddha. After a long sightseeing tour, who does not want to stop by a street food stall or a nice restaurant. If you are a foodie, your choice of eateries ranges from street food stalls and small local “whole in the wall” restaurants to those Michelin star studded elegant dining palaces, there is a choice for everyone and every budget. No matter if you are hankering for Thai food or any other cuisine. Your Bangkok guide will include all of the above in your Bangkok sightseeing tour if you so desire.

Things to do in Bangkok

The adventure in Bangkok never ends and the above offers only a small window in this city’s vast amount of things to do. However, Bangkok being a vast place with a myriad of people moving around on foot, by bus or car, the traffic is an issue at all times especially during rush-hour. To see the places and venues that will make your Bangkok holiday all it can be, it is really essential to book a local guide for your Bangkok private tour. The help of your Bangkok personal guide is a must, because locations are spread all over this vast city. Our local guides have the local knowledge of not only where those locations are, but also of how to get there, relatively quickly and comfortably. Reserve your Bangkok personal guide to discover the best things to do in Bangkok.

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