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Belgrade, Serbia
English, Russian, Serbian
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About Party

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About Party

I drink tea and lemonade that are sugar-free, but I do not mind eating chocolate 30 times per week. I can do a handstand no matter where. It is easy. And make you feel like you have done the same. It is fair. Clubs and dance lovers, even if I always dance in my rhythm. No chance!? Usual job - bodyguard. Karate kid with a soft heart. Working as a guide for more than 3 years, and never get enough. You can check my tour on Instagram: party and chill. Pub crawl tour includes: - Visiting 2-3 cool local pubs (all in a different style) and 1-2 local clubs in the city center, - 2 awesome beer and 2 incredible shots (rakia and cocktail), - sweet surprise, - Live music and DJ, - Photos. What to bring and why to come? - Bring a smile and ID, - Come if you want to meet Belgrade at night (it rocks!), - Come to explore most popular local places, - Come if you want to meet new people, - Come if you want to have memories, - Come in order to drink, dance, talk, play and have fun. Regular hours: - from 9 pm - 1 am



(0 reviews)
€10 / hr
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