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About Philip

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About Philip

I’m Philip, 24, saving for nursing school and some traveling in between. I love to take new people around Dublin, I have been doing this for a few years with friends from around the world and so far everyone is happy. I love to hike, paint, swim in the ocean and I love I knowing g random facts about they things are the way they are.

Things to do in Dublin with Philip

Historical sites Places you want cool photos Good places to eat Fun places to get drunk Nature walks The way Irish people live I’ll do my best to make you’re day great

Nightlife in Dublin with Philip

We can do our own thing! I’d happily make up our own games and go to my favorite bars. I don’t think there needs to be an occasion to have a fun time so we can be creative. If there is only two of us it doesn’t trouble me at all.



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€15 / hr
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