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About Armin

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About Armin

Hi ! My name is Armin ,I am 42 years old and I'm originally from Iran, been living here for 2 years . I have a B.S degree in Metallurgy , But unfortunately I could not find myself in that field, I have a soul of an artist , I play Guitar, Keyboard and Melodion , do Vocal and composing Alternative Rock music. Also I've been doing Mosaic Art for 9 years, so my main hobby is art and I sometimes play on the streets as a busker , before I used to play at some bars and cafes. One thing I'm really excited about is communicating with people, thats why I choosed to work in a lovely hostel ,where I can chat and hang out with many nice human beings from all around the world . I really love Istanbul , its always full of surprises . Beside unique architecture and perfect landscapes you can find anywhere, there are some fantastic spots you should definitely visit and I believe Kadıköy is one of the best! Not just because it's surrounded by lots of bars , cafes, clubs and galleries , but this thing that you can find and explore the most cultural place in Istanbul , I call it Artistic Adventure! Of course if you Google , you can find most famous places here like : Ali usta Ice-cream, Moda coast, Ağaç ev Blues bar, çiya restaurant ,some nice museums , etc... But there are always more under skin spots I can show you . I like to meet new people round the world. So, I would like to share with them my experience and listen about their country. Also, it’s a great way to make new friends ! Hope to see you soon



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