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Welcome to Istanbul, the cultural and historical capital of Turkey. It is hard to say how many civilizations has contributed the way Istanbul looks like today.

The city is one of the most diverse cities in the World and you can witness a different way of living in each district. Istanbul attracts wanderers all around the World for different reasons. Some travelers want to explore historical and cultural heritage of Istanbul while others are in Istanbul for business purposes or medical operations since it is a very fast growing industry in Turkey. In any case, it is a lifetime experience to discover local life and unveiled beauties of this amazing city.

Once you are in Istanbul, you will have the chance to discover the greatest Ottoman Palaces, stunning Byzantine Churches, ancient bazaars where people socialize and sell authentic goods for centuries, obelisk of Theodosius which was built in BC 390, Bosporus, Prince’s Islands and the best Anatolian as well as Aegean Food in the World. So the list of things that you should include your Istanbul Private Tour is a long one. If your intention is to experience real spirit of the city, your Istanbul Local Guide will do the thinking for you.

Let’s start with things to see in Istanbul and review them in a nutshell. A classic Historical Peninsula experience will be a good start for you due to the fact that other sides of the city have not been called “Istanbul” for centuries, however Historical Peninsula remained to be heart of the city for the emperors as well as people of Istanbul. In this part of city, you can visit Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. Your Istanbul guide won’t limit your journey with these well-known tourist attractions though. You can visit authentic madrasahs where people used to study back in history and these places still remains to be the center of Ottoman arts and handcrafts. Have a nice walk in Gulhane Park, stop by a local restaurant and have a Turkish coffee with panoramic view of Istanbul. Your Istanbul tourist guide will help you to find best deals and be very informative to make your Istanbul experience better.

Already excited? Well, it was just an introduction about places to visit in Istanbul, in other words a warm up session! For your upcoming days here is the list of things to do in Istanbul that may attract your attention:

Bosporus Experience: Discover the wooden mansions, Ottoman and modern Turkish architecture with a boat tour between two continents.

Old Neighborhood Experience: Dive into colorful and diverse old neighborhoods of Istanbul. Discover unique churches, antique shops, vintage cafes and colorful old buildings.

Prince’s Islands: Explore Halki Seminary and Aya Yorgi Church which are both important landmarks for Greek culture, visit Leo Trotsky’s banishment house, have a ride with nostalgic Phaeton and make a reservation for one of the best taverns in Istanbul.

Nature Walks: Walk through Belgrade Forest and Ataturk Arboretum for a fresh nature experience. Say hello to our little cute friends: squirrels!

Night Out: Discover the most vibrant, electrifying clubs at Bosporus side as well as the local pubs and rooftop bars of Istanbul.

With your Istanbul Local Guide, your experience will be designed and customized according to your needs and interests. Now you will have a friend, a good company to make your Istanbul journey better and unique. Check the local profiles to design your Istanbul private tour, reserve your guide who will make your journey memorable!

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