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About Ayse

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About Ayse

Hi there, this is Ayse! I am 22 years old traveller and also a student who is studying two majors as Business Administration and Law. Here are the things you may want to know about me: ❖ I was born in Isparta and currently I am living in Istanbul where I work as an Istanbul local guide. ❖ I have a dog whose name is “Pamuk” and we get along very well! ❖ I love to explore other cultures and countries, yet I am in love with Istanbul. We can discover the best parts of this great city together. ❖ I am also a food lover and eager to discover different cuisines. Together we can explore best of Istanbul Restaurants as well as world cuisine. Speaking of world cuisine, sushi is one of my favourites! ❖ My favorite place in Istanbul is Bebek where you can enjoy with amazing Bosphorus view. It is a calm place to listen quality music and enjoy with the quality service by the sea!

Things to do in Istanbul with Ayse

So what can we do together? Let’s have a quick look on the things that we can include your Istanbul private tour. ❖ We can start with a Turkish breakfast which includes unexpected kind of delicious traditional recipes compare to the breakfasts in other countries. ❖ Afterwards, we can visit some of the historical landmarks of Istanbul such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. ❖ We must stop by souvenir shops cause you will adore fine craftsmanship of Turkish handcrafts! ❖ Hungry already? Let’s eat some Baklava with Turkish coffee. ❖ Then we can have a nice walk through the old neighbourhoods of this great city to witness its diverse background. As your Istanbul tourist guide, I will prepare your sightseeing tour as you wish and you will be checking every item in your Istanbul private tour list. There is one more important thing about Istanbul: Its nightlife is super amusing! Let’s also check what we can do for your Istanbul Nightlife tour.

Nightlife in Istanbul with Ayse

Before discovering vibrant and glamorous Istanbul nightlife, we can go to a local restaurant and have some traditional Turkish food. Then you can try sisha which comes with quite different flavours and it is very popular in these days. As one said before “the night is young”, so we can either go to a nightclub or rooftop bar with an amazing panoramic view of Istanbul. We can start your Istanbul nightlife tour in a cosy bar or pub located in Taksim or Besiktas. Istanbul nightlife prices vary and these places are among the budget ones. If you make a research about Istanbul nightlife, you have probably heard about Bosphorus clubs which offer quality service, music and amazing ambiance. I can manage to make reservation for one of these clubs for a high quality nightlife entertainment program. One thing is for sure, we will only be visiting Istanbul nightlife areas which are safe and enjoyable! The first time I visited Istanbul, I was only 14 years old and I felt that I fall in love with this city at the first glance! After years, my dream has came true, now I am living in Istanbul and I am more than excited to represent this beautiful city to you! If you are interested in Turkish culture as well as a travel experience with full of memorable moments, let’s start to talk!



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Guest Reviews

  • John
    14 March 2020
    I had a nice time with Ayşe, she is a professional tour guide. She know alot about istanbul, and I felt like a local with her.
  • Ahmed
    13 March 2020
    Ayse is an exceptional tour guide, she's friendly and sweet. Our conversations were delightful. She knows Istanbul very well, and will take you to the best places wether it's a morning your, or evening one. I'll definitely contact her again next time I am in Istanbul. Thank you Ayse for this great experience!
  • Nizar
    11 March 2020
    Ayşe iş amazing person, funny and I really enjoyed the experience with her. If anyone really wants to enjoy in Istanbul I highly recommend Ayse to be their local guide. Nizar
  • Moosa
    03 March 2020
    Ayse is very friendly and very knowledgeable guide. She picked perfect places to go and experience nightlife in Istanbul at next level. All charming and exceptional places with epic views, crowd and vibe. So I highly recommend her if you want to experience Istanbul at its best. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and will have an amazing and unforgettable night out experience.
  • Nasser
    18 February 2020
    Ayse was very knowledgeable about the city and its culture. She was very patient and showed me around a number of restaurants, cafes, lounges. Her English is excellent and she was great to talk to. Overall I had a wonderful evening and would fully recommend her as your guide and local experience expert!
  • Fian
    17 February 2020
    Alyse is perfect, she knows all the historical and as well good chic cafe to hangout around the destination. As shes is also well though on her clients. Definitely will contact her again when im in town.
  • Pijush
    12 February 2020
    Spent a enjoyable time with her.She is a pretty charming lady.She has a vast knowledge about the Istanbul nightlife.restaurants ,cocktail bar ,night clubs etc. Definitely she will be my guide of next Istanbul visit. Highly Recommend.............
  • Ahmad
    07 February 2020
    Ayse is one of the best, listen to you and plan the visits in a way to meet your expectations, and beyond. Gives you all details about the location to avoid any surprises, cares about the small details. I do not like dogs but by end of the trip I started accepting them and now planning to have one 😅.
  • Woshka
    02 January 2020
    Ayse helped me a lot in my paperwork to get my items from gumrok post office She is very good at debating with the people in charge to helping me in my shippment clearance She so kind cute and helpful girl Her first priority is to do her job the best way possible Gumrok asked us for a doctor confirmation paper and she brought me to hospital to get things done Although it was too cold she made effort to come with me walking arround and she wont let you alone in hard situations
  • Malcolm
    21 December 2019
    Ayse was terrific. Extremely friendly and accommodating. Very knowledgeable about the history of Istanbul. She was so good I extended my tour into night life. When I return i will definitely book her again!!
  • Meshaal
    17 December 2019
    It was one of my best days in Istanbul She knows the places, she knows how to deal with people here, confident Also she was well-organized Kind, funny, take a good care of here guest She enjoyed her time during the trip which make me feel happier
  • Karan
    14 December 2019
    We wanted to have a relaxed evening before our flight so we booked a tour with Ayse. She has really good knowledge about the nice places to hang out as well she gave recommendations on foods we should try. She is very nice and easy going person and one can connect with her easily. Highly recommend taking a trip with her.
  • Aatif
    13 December 2019
    Great experience, very friendly and easy going. She knows really good places around...
  • İpek
    01 November 2019
    Ayşe is really so nice and knowledgeable ladie. Firstly she listened our style and what we wanted and then she guided us. You can have a talk and enjoy with Ayşe. There is no doubt about anything. She is a student and do very well. I hope she will be better. Thank you so much dear Ayşe. Advisable.
  • Kunal
    01 November 2019
    It was an amazing experience, I initially had doubts about it but it was super smooth to connect and then we explored some really nice places. Ayse is a really friendly and professional guide and she made me really comfortable. It was worth every penny.
  • Walaa
    31 October 2019
    Amazing guide and wonderful friend , she has a lot of info about the city and she is very smart and lovely ❤️
  • Jackson
    22 October 2019
    It was my secound tour with ayse. She was very friendly. We visited bebek and then kuruçeşme. Both were amazing choices. Ayse knows all of the fantastic places in Istanbul. It was a really good time. Thank you for everything, ayse. You were very helpfull!
  • Jackson
    21 October 2019
    Excellent. Best money ever spent. Truly made Istanbul better
  • Sam
    13 October 2019
    I had very good experience with Ayse . She is professional and friendly at the same time with lovely and strong character . Thanks alot for your great service
  • Sediq
    01 October 2019
    Ayesha a fantastic guide , with great experience and lovely girl.Main thing is that she love the tour more than you like it, thanks for the service local experience provide
  • Dr. Ahmed
    30 September 2019
    It was my first experience with local experience company but it was really good we experience together asia part and nisantası it was really amazing i love too much this Restaurant. This place had amazing view you need to see i think. She was really friendly and helpful person thank you so much for everything..
  • Kunal
    27 September 2019
    Ayse such a wonderful guide.. I visit first time in Istanbul and I am sure I could not explore Istanbul without her, she is amazing.... I will really recommend for her as a guide... Thank you Ayse once again
  • Animesh
    18 September 2019
    It was a great experience with ayse. Her communication skills and knowledge about the cilty was a great help for me. Her friendly nature was icing on the cake. Overall a nice host and a great experience.
  • Haytham
    13 September 2019
    This was my second visit to Istanbul, and I wanted to see new things that an average tourist doesn't get to usually see, so I hired Aise who showed me new places but also old places that I have been before, but got to see them from new perspective. We also visited one of the best bars in besiktas and took a tour to one of the most special parks and had a special local breakfast. In summary it is recommended for those who want to discover unusual places and have a chat with a very nice local guide
  • Rad
    12 September 2019
    It was very nice tour, Heybeliada nature ... is a nice special place , but with Ayşa it became fantastic. Beautiful nature with nature beautiful mean so much, even the moon is complete today :)
  • Hadi
    22 July 2019
    Very good
  • Maruwan
    15 July 2019
    Ayse is too funny, beautiful and friendly it was really good experience i want to see again her. Thank you for everything ayse
  • Shadad
    08 July 2019
    It was a truly amazing experience. Aysa is a lovely,kind,intelligent,thoughtful and a wonderful human being. I definately reccommend her as a top tour guide and a lovely person.
  • Mohanned
    09 June 2019
    It was a very good experience ihad a very nice time whith her iam very lucky to chose aysa for my experience
  • Asif
    05 June 2019
    most beautiful most entertaining most happening most energetic and the list can go off but I'll some it up, I loved her company and! I'll only going to come to Istanbul next time just for her.
  • Unknown
    24 May 2019
    We did a very nice tour of the city with Ayse. We were a total of 4 people and we went to a local restaurant to eat a kebab, I love kebab. then we went to a place called a bebek, it was really nice we sat in a cafe where we chatted. my friends and I loved the bebek so much that we're sure to go again for everything thanks ayse. We tried with other locals. In other countries but no one was nice and professional like Ayşe. She made our trip speacial.
  • Rupak Kumar
    03 May 2019
    Ayse is one of the greatest locals I’ve ever met. Beautiful, kind, smiley, I have enjoyed talking to her and knowing about turkey and Istanbul culture. I had a very lovely evening in Istanbul as she knows a lot of great restaurants, clubs and historical places (in very reasonable price). I must say, she will make you love Turkey and wants you to come back again and again. My recommendation to new visitors to hire Ayse as your local tour guide. Highly recommended.
  • Carlos
    17 April 2019
    It was the most wonderful guide I could ever find. Ayse is an smart, talkative and interesting girl who took me to have the nicest dinner in bebek I did taste kebab after than we did try profiterol when we finished our dinner we made little walking around places this place really good and lovely after than we sit Sophie take couple good drinks we love services and talk about horoscopes also we believe this also she is gemini. Thanks for everything
  • Carlos
    17 April 2019
    It was the most wonderful guide I could ever find. Ayse is an smart, talkative and interesting girl who took me to have the nicest dinner in bebek I did taste kebab after than we did try profiterol when we finished our dinner we made little walking around places this place really good and lovely after than we sit Sophie take couple good drinks we love services and talk about horoscopes also we believe this also she is gemini. Thanks for everything
  • Hanna
    12 April 2019
    Ayse is very smart and polite lady, she knows the city very well and you never regret to be with her
  • Dory
    05 April 2019
    Aysie is an amazing person very kind and helpful Polite mature and funny
  • Mohand
    03 April 2019
    We had a lot of fun in the past time and we had a very nice experience. We visited local places and had good and taste delicious Local foods thanks for everything
  • Z
    20 March 2019
    Asye, she is very polite and thoughtful, we had a good time with her, we hope to see her gain soon.
  • Sami
    14 March 2019
    Thanx for you ayse
  • Ahmed
    25 February 2019
    Ayşe was very helpful in exploring Istanbul! she knows a lot of awesome restaurants, historical places, cafes, streets and night clubs, she is very cheerful and professional and anyone will be lucky to join her as a guest. will reserve a tour again with her once I'm back to Istanbul. Very recommended !
  • Rene
    17 December 2018
    a very kind girl helps you choose the best places I recommend
  • José
    16 November 2018
    One of the most interesting, kind and intelligent people I've ever met.
  • Milos
    13 November 2018
    So sweet also so clever
  • Ray
    09 November 2018
    Simply amazing. Showed me all the best places. Very sociable and kind. Don’t miss out on her best experience I’ve ever had with something like this
  • Khalil
    29 October 2018
    She is very cute.. Very helpful.. And innocent
  • Alex
    24 October 2018
    Ayśe has showed me the city for second time. She is knowledgable and passion guide. I recommend her to any one looking for local experience. Regards,
  • Alex
    24 October 2018
    My first experience from this website. Ayśe was my tour guide. She is well-educated, knowledgable, charming and professional. If I would come back I will reserve her time certainly. Regards,
  • Rami
    21 October 2018
    It was a wonderful experience, we visited several places she was nice, tactful and funy
  • Noman
    23 November 2019
    Experience was fine
  • Kumar
    23 April 2019
    Ayse thank you for your assistance. Really had a great time with you. Guys if you are looking for some class stuff to visit or to party then she is the go to person very very professional and just know the right places in Istanbul. My best wishes and luck to Ayse and the complete team of Local Experience.
  • Sharif
    22 November 2019
    If you would like to screw your night at Istanbul and waste your time and money then you can book Aysa because she does this perfectly  I rarely give a negative review however it is with great regret that I have to write one tonight whereby we honestly had to cut the trip short with Aysa due to the following reasons. First the appointment was at 11.45pm and she met us at 12.30pm on top of her adding 20 Euros for her taxi fare so keeping appointments wasn’t her key nature. Secondly, it was so obvious that she had just woken up so going to a club was not her best choice and decided to take us from Taksim (Happening area) to Besiktas (Which was dead and everything was closed at the time) landing up at a local bar with dogs barking loudly and heat getting you sober in seconds. She decided to have dinner there and we wasted our whole night talking about the local politics forgetting the fact that the whole mission was to experience the nightlife (Pubs and Clubs). The whole point is that we had booked her for 4hours and had to ask her to leave home 2hours from the time we met her whereby we spent 1hour walking and riding taxi around places which were closed and had to ask her in a nice way as we just couldn’t continue the night this way.
  • Mohd Khalid
    26 October 2019
  • Muhammad
    25 September 2019
    Absolutly ridiculous...bad experience infact this was my ever bad experince of my life to choose Ayse as a guide... she is so much proudy and rude... everytime she want to show her attitude...she dnt have any knowledge infact i have more knowledge then her...she took me almost to 4 or 5 places in whole 2 days...she took me to every expensive place and restaurants jst for herself not for me... for example she took me swissotel for spa and bath as i have already these facilities as complementry in my hotel... she book a cruise dinner in 140 euro which was too much bad... I advise to everyone that plz dont hair any guide...u can visit every place by urself through google... Too much expensive trip jst bcz of Ayse
  • Khaled
    13 August 2019
    She was much less than expected, she doesn’t know the city , she wastes time , she always needy and asking for us to pay her food and water, she isn’t following the time as we reserved 4 hours she wanted to count 3 hours , and she obligated us to pay for her the lunch and , also she made us spend almost 1 hr + in lunch against our well, I think if we went alone without guide it could be more better, Also she asked for the money as the first thing at the beginning of the trip !! May be she is good at Istanbul but she doesn’t know well about Athens , for 4 hours to go only one place in Athens + lunch , I think it’s a waste of time !!
  • Haider
    20 July 2019
    It was good experience thanks you Ayesha, i feel like a local.
  • Vishal
    06 May 2019
    It was my first experience and it was kind of most boring, horrible and never do again experience. She has no Idea about istanbul. Most of the time she was on phone in fact I ended up talking more than her. We went to 3 Restaurants which were good but It felt like she is doing some formality and there was no information at all. Again I ended up spending more money on Taxi and Restaurants without any so called ‘local experience’ ‘ .
(56 reviews)
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