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About Batuhan

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About Batuhan

Hi,I’m Batuhan.I’m 22 years old.I’m studying industrial engineering at Sakarya University and i will be senior this year.I was born in Istanbul and i spent all my life in Istanbul except my university’s life period.Istanbul will has fun places,places to visit,where to eat dinner have knowledge about where you spend comfortable time.Missing parts in good time spending time together i would like to finish. Series and movies to watch,books to read i take great pleasure to exchange ideas with people about what I’ve read and watch.Except that most of them are discharged me something to dance.I did not receive any dance training and I do not have the tchnical details.This is already my favorite spot.Dancing and ignoring minor drunkennes brought alcohol to anyone.Apart from that football,tennis,ice skating I take pleasure in doing these sports. One of my philosophy of my life to get new experiences so the positivity will allow me to spend a pleasant time with you I think you also will be reflected:)



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Guest Reviews

  • Sajid
    18 June 2019
    Once again had an other fantastic day with Mr BATUHAN , he was 15 mint early at meeting point which was bonus . We started our trip early ,avoided the long cues and hot weather . All credit to MR BATUHAN for his city knowledge . Thank you once again for making our day wounderful and full of suprises .👍👍👍👏👏👏👌👌👌
  • Sajid
    15 June 2019
    Mr Batuhan is very friendly and polite , he was very helpful throught out the day , specilaly with my 3 year old doughter , he has taking care of her when we were taking pictures , with his help we manage to see many more places in a day which we would not able to do our own. He is young but very professional . Thank you very much for showing us this Amazing city .👍👍👍👍👍
  • Mohammed
    06 May 2019
    We again requested for the fourth time for Batuhan to be our tour guide on the last day of our visit to Istanbul. As always well prepared to take us around places of interest and excellent choice of restaurant for delicious food for luncheon. He is polite, courteous and professional. Highly recommended by us.
  • Mohammed
    05 May 2019
    We requested Batuhan again as our tour guide. It is such a pleasure to know him well by now. My wife has a knee injury, so she needed wheelchair to push him around to do the sightseeing. He helped her around everywhere with a smile and an incredible attitude. We are so thankful to him for making our tour successful. We highly recommend him.
  • Mohammed
    01 May 2019
    We had our second day with Batuhan as our tour guide. Again, well prepared and took us around and helped us shop. He is very polite and it’s fun to talk to him and spend time with him. Again, we highly recommend.
  • Mohammed
    30 April 2019
    It was a pleasure to have Batuhan as our guide. He did his research and was well prepared to take us on a tour. It was fun to carry on a conversation with him, because he is very intelligent. He was polite and graceful, and my family was very happy with him being our tour guid. We highly recommend Batuhan.
(6 reviews)
€10 / hr
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