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About Murat

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About Murat

Hello everyone! I am Murat. I am 33 years old and I am a half time banker yet full time wanderlust with my mind floating all over my dreams constantly. I am a long time Istanbul resident and bilingual in English as well as Turkish. I myself have travelled to more than 50 countries and 300 cities worldwide. Especially in the recent years photography and collecting interesting memories has been my primary objective on picking places to travel. This vision has taken me to: - Swimming in open water with 50 tonnes of humpback whales in Tonga - Spending a week in North Korea - Climbing Mount Fuji - Skydiving, bungy jumping and canyon swinging in New Zealand - Diving with sharks in South Africa - Walking around the abandoned streets of Pripyat near Chernobyl - Caravaning and hiking in Icelandic wilderness - Diving in Dahab blue hole - Chasing Banksy's work on the walls of Palestine and so on... I have so much to share and talk about while I take you to the hidden gems of Istanbul. I can arrange tailor made tours depending on your choices. I can also arrange a Istanbul photography tour not only to top Insta locations but also some less known spots too. I love to eat. I pretty much eat everything and know the best places for a great range of tastes. So if you are here for a kebap bonanza or just some light vegan appetite, I am your guy! I own a car and for a little extra I can take you to places that are tourist free. So please feel free to write to me and ask whatever you like. Hope to meet you soon and even if you are not interested in meeting me, I hope you collect wonderful memories and have the best time in Istanbul. Take care, Murat



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Guest Reviews

  • Faris
    16 March 2019
    Murat is very nice and respectable gentleman, I really spent a quality time with him, you can tell that the guy been around and he is open and familiar with many cultures and experiences, I enjoyed talking to him about many subjects, I really recommend to talk to Murat and lit him talk you for a nice tour.
  • Amy
    26 October 2018
    Murat gave me just the experience I was looking for, a great conversationalist and a perfect gentleman.
(2 reviews)
€19 / hr
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