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About Pınar

Book Your Local Guide Pınar in Istanbul!

About Pınar

Hi! My name is Pınar. I'm 21 years old. I was born and raised in İstanbul, so I witnessed the change and development of this city over the years. Plus, I can say that I know 70% of this city like the back of my hand. Another plus, I'm a google local guide (a google guide travels a lot and comments on places she/he visits) Even though Istanbul is the most developed city in Turkey, still many people don't speak English very well. I'm studying Translation and Interpreting. I'm fluent in English and I have been studying Chinese for 2 years, so I can communicate easily in daily conversations. Also, I can speak a little bit of Spanish and Catalan. I travelled to more than 20 countries. Thus, I can say that travelling alone might sound good, however, if you are out of your comfort zone a little help won't hurt :) I have friends from all over the world, so I was doing this for my friends before, I travelled a lot with them, I can say I'm experienced :) And in this case, I'm not really looking for money, I want to meet new people from other countries. I really enjoy having new friends. Because learning new cultures and meeting new people is my passion. Note: Especially if you are travelling alone having a local guide can be an advantage to deal with scams or getting lost etc. :) As you might notice from my pictures, I really like trying new cuisine/eating. So I can recommend you good restaurants :)

Things to do in Istanbul with Pınar

Here is a list of the places in general which you can visit during your trip to Istanbul: 1.Hagia Sopia 2.Blue Mosque 3. Istanbul Archaelogy Museum 4.Maiden's Tower 5.Galata Tower 6.Istiklal Street and Tunnel 7.Balat and Eyüp 8.Chora Church 9.St. Stephen's Catedral 10.Topkapı Palace 11.Basilica Cistern 12.Grand and Spice Bazaar 13.Dolmabahçe Palace 14.Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts 15.Yedikule Fortress 16.Military Museum And many more cafes, shops, workshops, libraries etc. Except for these places, if you like taking pictures, walking in the forest, escaping from the city and going for a picnic, we can replan your trip depending on your interests. :) **I don't go out at night very often because I prefer to drink beer with my friends and chill. But I know very good places so I can recommend night clubs/bars/pubs etc.



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