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About Süreyya

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About Süreyya

ABOUT ME Hello! I’m Süreyya, i was born in Istanbul. I’m 23 years old. I’m studying English translation and interpreting in Marmara University. My dream is to be a good translator/interpreter one day. I love discovering new cultures and meeting new people so traveling is a huge hobby of mine. I am also interested in languages I have basic Spanish commutation skills and currently studying Japanese. I love pets and I have a cat :-) PS: I am vaccinated and very careful about COVID-19 safety.

Things to do in Istanbul with Süreyya

WHEN WE MEET I can arrange tailor-made tours according to your needs and wishes. When we first meet I will show you a list and you will pick where you want to see and what you want to try in Istanbul. So each guests tour will be different and special :-) Also in touristic places unfortunately tourists can easily be charged for more money than in local areas. I will show you also the places that have reasonable prices and good quality. **ATTENTION** You can also hire me for 1 day only for Üsküdar tour. I can show you everything that is worth seeing in Üsküdar and make you taste the best food here. The tour involves cultural information about Turkey, Turkish lifestyle, Turkish breakfast, Beylerbeyi Palace tour, Kuzguncuk cultural tour, Üsküdar mosques and historical information, Maidens Tower and it’s history and legends, lastly best meals and desserts that you can have :-) **ATTENTION2** For the women who want to see modest/hijabi shopping sites, I can make a special modest shopping tour for you :-) and we can talk about the hijab fashion styles in Turkey. TRAVEL IDEAS During day time I think it would be best to visit the most touristic place of Istanbul which is the historic peninsula. There we will find Aya Sofia, blue mosque, historic square, underground cisterns, grand bazaar. If the guests would like to visit museums we would check Istanbul archeological museum or turkish and islamic arts museum. If they don’t want this classic tourist route, there are also other travel options in the big city of Istanbul. During night time I would show the places in Istanbul that have a nice night view. We would start by seeing the sunset view in Galata tower then walking in istiklal street in Taksim and Taksim square lastly I would show them the Bosphorus in the night and Maiden’s Tower. I love Istanbul because it is the city that you can find everything you want and my hometown. And I want to be a local because I love talking to foreigners And get to know more about their life and culture :-) I HOPE WE HAVE A GREAT TIME TOGETHER (^_^)



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Guest Reviews

  • Musa
    29 January 2020
    I had about 8 hrs with Sureyya, indeed she is good and friendly. She prepared a very effective visit plan based on the list of place i intended to go. I totally followed her plan and i enjoyed every moments with her. Due to the painfull of my both legs, I had to proposed to end the visit, whilst she still ready to bring me to complete the plan. I fall in love with Istanbul because of the kindness of Sureyya. Thanks Sureyya All The Best for both your works and study. I truly enjoyed my short trip. Thank you Musa AR Malaysia/Saudi 31 Jan 2020
  • Arif
    22 December 2019
    That Was Awesome and my local guide are very decent and knowledgeable Person
(2 reviews)
€10 / hr
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