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About Tawfiq

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About Tawfiq

I am Tawfiq from Jordan, born in Amman, 27. I studied Human medicine in Dnipro, Ukraine. At the moment I am building my career in Kiev. I cannot hide my passion for sports, I played football and boxing for good time, recently I am training at the gym for myself. I don’t just eat. I like to enjoy food, the taste , the atmosphere and the company are very important for me. I lived and traveled in many different countries and cities. Dubai, Amman , Leipzig, Berlin, Amsterdam and many others. Kiev is different and very unique, while walking in the city you feel history and the historical strength of Kiev. Kiev is a historical city that offers modern life to the visitors. Walking in Khreshatic the Main Street in downtown at weekends, is unique experience. A lot of nice parks and exotic views everywhere near the river. Day-life and night-life are never to forget in Kiev. Meeting new people and making Friends is my Talent, I think. I try to communicate with everyone if it’s possible, sometimes using a language I know or I will find a way to communicate.



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