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About Sofia

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About Sofia

Hi! My name is Sofia. I am 25 years old and I am originally from Ternopil. I moved to Lviv 9 years ago when I started to study at the university. Now I have a master’s degree of Journalism with 5 years of professional experience in this area. I am a sports journalist and I am presenting sports news. I have to say that I like my job very much. It gives me the opportunity to meet interesting people, see different places in Lviv and highlight the most important events. It is such fun! In my spare time, I like reading, spending time with my husband, meeting my friends and drawing - not so good at but still loving it- , creating something with my own hands such as decoupaging boxes, even furniture. Also I prefer an active lifestyle, therefore I usually go for swimming, cycling, hiking and walking. By the way I am a foodie. I usually prefer simple and healthy food and occasionally give a try to different cuisines.

Things to do in Lviv with Sofia

As your Lviv Local guide I can offer many different routes for your Lviv private tour due to the fact that Lviv is a very beautiful city with huge history and ancient architecture. I work in the city center so I know the old part of Lviv very well. However, my favorite places are near nature and I have my favorite spots in parks. I highly recommend including natural parks to your Lviv guided walking tour. By the way, one of them is called Stryyskyy Park and is a part of UNESCO world heritage. During daytime I would start a tour from the most famous places such as Rynok Square, the old part of the city and hidden unusual places. We would go to the main tower of Lviv to see the ancient places from the top floor. If you would like to see more than this, I will take you to the High Castle. It's the highest place in the city center with a stunning view. As your Lviv tourist guide, one of the most interesting things that I can offer is the Shevchenko Grove open air museum. It’s an ethnographic museum of folk architecture and life.The grove has several dozen houses that were built several centuries ago. There are clay walls and thatched roofs. People used to live in them and it is quite impressive to see life in Lviv centuries ago. The museum is named after one of the most famous Ukrainian poets - Taras Shevchenko. Here, on the territory of 60 hectares, museum's creators placed over 120 architectural sites and a bulk of folk life objects, which were brought here from Western Ukraine's various corners. The architecture and things of life which are presented were used in times when Shevchenko lived. If you are into wandering and have a free dati I can take you to the mountain side. Slavsko village will be a good choice for this. This tour takes relatively longer because we need to take 2,5 hours to ride there. I can use my private car for this tour because it's totally worth it! We can climb the chair lift to the top of the mountain Zakhar Berkut. There are picturesque views of villages and mountains from there. I also love that tour because it shows not only city life but village ones. Calm people, intact nature and great local food. I know a really delicious pizzeria there 😊. It is also a good idea to try baked trout there. There is a place where you can catch the fish in the pond, and it will be cooked for you right away. We can also make a very unconventional tour in the city center. Several centuries ago, some of the buildings in the city center which are banks, restaurants and theaters today were brothels. I will tell you the history and stories of this special area. When I visited Lviv for the first time, I was only 12 and it was for a school excursion. I could not even imagine that years later I would start to live here. It is a beautiful and diverse place which is definitely worth visiting. So I would like to share my experiences with my guests and listen about their country. I love people, their diversity and hope to find new friends ^_^



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Guest Reviews

  • Stephen
    04 October 2019
    What an incredible day with Sofia! My evening tour was amazing; from planning, to communication to the tour itself, everything professional, well organized and a lot of fun. Sofia understood my interest not only in food and local culture but also that I wanted to take part in an activity ..'like a local'. Knowing my interest in sport she recommended a local football (soccer) match (soccer). It was fantastic. Afterward her dinner recommendation took us to a place I would have never found on my own. An incredible end to a great evening in Lviv. Sofia is smart, sociable and has great command of English. I feel very lucky that to have spent time touring Lviv with her. Highly recommend.
(1 reviews)
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