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About Winnie

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About Winnie

My name is Winnie, I am a Nigerian medical student here in Lviv, Ukraine. I am 22 years old. I like to go on walks, I like enjoying nature, basically I am a lover of any sort of outdoor activity... I love food any type, I like to eat different types of foods from different nationalities... but so far here in Lviv i’ve Really enjoyed Vereniki.. Currently I do not have any pet, but I love dogs, I think they are really cute and they are loyal.. My favorite part of Lviv city would be the center.. oh my God it is always busy, beautiful and you get to see so many people, there are so many restaurants around, you can’t really be hungry in the center of Lviv... also there are many stores and places you can visit for window shopping if you love doing that like me. In the day time within. 4-6 hours frame, I can take my guest to several museums in the city, to see several monuments, visit beautiful lakes and pools... of course places for delicious breakfast and lunch In the night time, especially if it is there first time I can take them to behold the beauty of the tallest point in the city, where the can view the whole of Lviv city from, it is usually really pretty in the evening.. and so many other eateries and some clubs I came to this city at the age of 17 and since then I just fell in love with the city in general, how beautiful it is and how it is filled with really lovely people and beautiful historical places... and since then, I have always had a soft spot for the city I can spend time with my guest during the day time, evening and weekends I don’t have a car to pick up my guest unfortunately I don’t drive I would love to show my guests the following Sightseeing, arts and museums, food and restaurants and shopping I want to be a guest of my city, because I love meeting new people, making new Friends, discussing about different cultures, because I have always wanted to experience different cultures around the world, so what other way if not by meeting the amazing individuals.



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