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Minsk, Belarus
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About Ksenia

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About Ksenia

Hi! My name’s Ksenia, I’m 17. I was born in Minsk, raised here and in the U.S. I’m currently a student at our national linguistics university studying spanish. I love astrology and learning/educating people about zodiac signs :) I’m a makeup artist who also loves to spend time with kids, so I often do babysitting and I plan to be a nanny in U.S. later. I love to meet new people from other countries, I myself have some friends from Ireland, US and Canada. My favorite cuisine is probably italian or mexican, I know all about pizza here in Minsk :) My family has a dog and a cat but I’m personally a cat lover. My favorite places in Minsk are probably our national botanical garden, all the parks we have and of course our malls and cafes. If I had a guest during day time I would definitely start with our botanical garden, our beautiful city center and our huge diamond-shaped national library. During evening or nighttime I’d let the guests choose whatever they want and gladly help them get around the city. I can spend time with guests pretty much anytime except on weekdays I can only do it after 1 pm (after my classes) I’d love to share my experience with travelers and listen about their country as well.



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€10 / hr
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