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About Ekaterina

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About Ekaterina

Hey, it's Kate! I'm 26 y.o. Bachelor of forensic psychology, as well woman of culture, walking encyclopedia highly skilled in situational awareness. Interested in history, philosophy, medicine, art and photography. Huge fan of camping. Also big food and drink enthusiast. I'm in love with Moscow city 'cause of it's ability to surprise me. I enjoy capturing it's faces. While I admire my city I also want to share it with you. Activities: - we can walk around the city to discover fascinating places to capture: I know a numerous of such unknown locations - while we have a walk I can tell you stories of places in Moscow and also it's history - we can talk both in russian and english - I can assist you to feel comfortable in Moscow - we can attend exhibitions and museums etc. Most of time I'm free at the evenings, sometimes at weekends.



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€12 / hr
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