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About Ekaterina

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About Ekaterina

My name is Ekaterina. I am 20 years old and currently live in Moscow, Russia. I am on the last year of Bachelor Degree of History, but I also learn Chinese language as included studies in my History program. I am an explorer of interesting places to eat. I am also an artist and draw with water colours. In the summertime when the weather is fine, I prefer doing something active as surfing or supping, for example. My hobbies are various but the main ones are sport, traveling around the world and meeting new people, improving my language skills and of course art! Favourite cuisine... oh, that’s a hard question... I simply love to eat and am never picky :D Moscow is one the most fascinating cities in the whole world and it has lots of places worth seeing! However, my favourite one is VDNH (Achievement Exhibition of National Agriculture) because there are always plenty of festivals, concerts, local markets and more! It’s amazing. In the evening the program would be different. First, I would love to show the lights of Moscow City and check out the panoramic view of night Moscow as well. Then I would bring them to Lubyanka where guest can choose the entertainment he wants, like pubs or clubs. The most unforgettable and unique experience for me was when I walked around the city, and didn’t notice how I simply crossed it from East to West! Imagine the size of Moscow. Imagined? It’s huge! But I passed through all famous sights, roads, shops, bars within... 5 hours only! Moscow is a big village ;D I can spend my time as a tour guide on weekends, since I almost never study and free most of the time. Unfortunately, I don’t have a car to pick guests but this is not even a problem because we will use metro or buses all the time. It’s the most convenient way to get somewhere in such city. I would definitely recommend to visit our museums since we have a lot of them and they reflect our mentality. It’s the best way to get to know our city. And country as well. Also, I would recommend some shops to buy souvenirs and... some incredibly good restaurants with friendly prices. I like to meet new people round the world. So, I would like to share them my experience and listen about their country and culture. And it’s also a great opportunity to make new friends :)



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