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About Sonya

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About Sonya

My name is Sonya (22) and I moved to Moscow nearly 5 years ago. So now, I would like to share my experience about this wonderful city with people coming to visit. Now I’m busy learning German with a neighbor school kid. I’m currently unemployed, so I have plenty of time to guide you guys through the thousands of routes in Moscow and nearby. I have just finished my university and got a bachelor degree in Hospitality, so let me show my professional skills ? And as an ex-exchange student I love meeting people from other parts of the world and get to know their history. I adore walking along the streets and promenades and never miss a chance to join a good old party. I prefer Asian cuisine, mostly soups, but I’d never regret trying any other thing! Moscow is BEAUTIFUL in all the possible ways! Together we can explore all the parts of the capital city life: arts, walking areas, local kitchen, nightlife, culture and underground. So let’s imagine we have some time to have a look around the city. Sure thing, we’d have a walk around the downtown with the view to the Moscow river and wonderful bridges, mostly impressive in the sunset. We could get the bikes or scooters and ride along the river promenade to the Gorky Park and the Monument of Peter the First. Then, we can have a snack at whatever place you prefer - Greek, Russian, Georgian, Vietnamese food and more of your choice. After that we might join some movie night outside or a workshop(dance, handmade, cooking etc.). Unfortunately, I don’t have a car to bring you wherever needed, but thanks to the transport system, we have a huge variety of vehicles all around the city. Fun fact: when I was 15, I joined a Eurotour with the group of exchange students. Spent some days in 11 different cities, I got lost up to 3 times. What a huge motivation to improve my orientation skills, may you help me to be better? ? I also have a pet, a kitten called Shakira. My boyfriend says the is so much alike me! She likes to meet new people too. My fav place in the city is a cinema theater in the downtown. It’s pretty old, but it looks amazing with all the posters on the walls. I always wanted to live here, at least to escape from my hometown. This city makes you brave and strong. When I first came here, I was so afraid of the subway trains. Now I enjoy the wind of trains coming to the platform. By the way, Moscow Subway is one of the most exciting sightseeings in the world with its unique architecture. I’d love to be Local, because it brings so much joy, to share your passion to the city with new friends. Would you like to explore Moscow together?



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Guest Reviews

  • Elia
    26 January 2020
    Sonya is a great companion and very interesting to talk to. She is percise in her planing and accurate in her timing. I'm rcommending her by all means.
  • Oivind
    25 October 2019
    Sofia was an absolutely great guide. Knowledgeable and easy going. Gave us great insight about Moscow and daily life in Russia. We can give Sofia our best recommendations.
  • Bhavesh
    20 October 2019
    Very nice guide ... very knowlegable and friends .... Really liked the experience.
  • Ismail
    04 October 2019
    Sofia was really a great person she knows every place I wanted to go to, more than that she can explain each place historically. She is funny so active she really made my day and the most important she is well respected person. Thank u so my Sofia
  • Deepak
    20 September 2019
    She is very well behaved and very positive person.
(5 reviews)
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