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About Nilufer

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About Nilufer

Hi. My name is Nilufer. I born in Adana which is the land of kebabs but raised in İstanbul. I am 26 years old. I am graduated from English teaching on 2016 and still a student in Film and tv. I like to write things like film scripts and funny short stories and deal with music. My favorite cuisine is ice cream:) I am an ice cream gourmet. I try every ice cream in town that I visit. Im half vegetarian, no red meat for me. I have one dog and one cat. They are the cuttiest pets ever. But I love to take care the ones who live on streets unfortunately.

Things to do in Istanbul with Nilufer

I love the nightlife of İstanbul. But there are also very trash places. Since its a very touristical town, i think most of places are tourist traps. So i’m gonna make sure you won’t have to pay unbelievable prices for bad drinks while listening terrible music on background. Oh, Have I mentioned i am a music lover? In daytime, I can show you the best spots to visit and in nightime, I can get you a good bar like I mentioned before. And of course, I know where to eat hygenic, delicious, unique food in İstanbul. I can spend time with you mostly on evenings and nights, because i am a student. But I am available on weekends during daytime. I like to show you the nightlife, food and restaurants, cafes, shopping. I applied for this local experience, because I love to meet new friends and develop my language skills in English and German. I lived in Germany for 1,5 year as an exchange student. Since I talked in English there, I couldnt improve my German as i wished. Now i really regret this, and try to study German on my free time. Other reason is I’m not experienced for any kind of guiding job, so I believe i will be completely an ordinary local who don’t have other motives ( advertising etc.) but only showing you around. I think it’s valuable for people who want to be not a tourist who does only touristical things but a local here who enjoys the town and chills on holiday as it should be.



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€15 / hr
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