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Saint Petersburg, Russia
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About Kirill

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About Kirill

Hey, traveller! My name is Kirill, and I will be your guide in Saint-Petersburg. I’m 22, originally form Rostov-on-Don, a Southern Russia town. I'm BA in English Language and Literature, and now I'm completing my MA in Cognitive Science here in Saint-Petersburg. Although I'm a diligent student and explorer of human brain, my interests are broad, so we can speak about anything you can think of! I like music, literature, architecture - all sorts of it from ancient to modern, travelling and meeting other cultures are also my interests. I'm a hearty eater, and my favourite cuisine is Russian, also Italian and Georgian. During our sightseeing sessions we can go anywhere, but the most enigmatic part of the city for me is the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. Wait, no, it's the English Embankment. Or New Holland... Oh, there're so many of them! Our daytime tour would start from the famous Venice-like medium height streets where the historical buildings have stood the test of time and wars, and the well-known Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. You can't leave the northern capital without visiting the viewing desk of the cathedral. Then we would have a little rest and a dinner somewhere nearby, luckily there are plenty pretty cafes and restaurants. After goes the Senate square at the river Neva embankment and the Rumyantsev mansion – a museum where the soviet culture artefacts are stored. During night-time we can start with New Holland – a modern urban space with an ice-skating ring. Then I can bring you to famous places at the Nevsky Prospect, say, the Petrikirche. Then visiting local restaurants and creative pubs would be the most convenient. While our tours we would travel by public transport: buses and underground, and taxi if you like. I've moved to Saint-Petersburg just recently, several months ago, and it got me with the first sight. I realised instantly that this city fits me so much. No place in Russia is like Saint-Petersburg. The city centre is unique, every place has its own culture and history. And every place is alive and kicking, people make your day here! Saint-Petersburg is worth visiting, and I want outsiders to find it out. So, let's be friends and enjoy Saint Petersburg!



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