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About Maria

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About Maria

Hello! My name is Maria. I’m from Saint-Petersburg, I’m 22 y.o. I study Art History at Academy of Steiglitz. I have been working as a guide for families and foreign groups for 2 years. So do no doubt I can create a good program for you ? I may show you at the daytime (4-6 hours) the heart of Saint- P. It includes the Cazan Cathedral, Church on blood, Michel’s Castle, Summer garden, Saint Paul’s Cathedral. I know history and art history of these places, so our walks will be provided by descriptions and interesting tells. Considering evening-walking time, I would take you to a winter square, to colonnade of Isaac’s cathedral to see Saint Petersburg in night lights! Then we would go to a very cute coffee shop or restaurant with one of the most fascinating view in the city. After a dinner we would have a walk through Nevskij Prospect to my favorite bar street, and then will see. So, to sup up what you could experience with me : 1) excursions around the city. Including main sights and national Russian restaurants, cozy places. 2) Art life in Saint- P., with interesting local places, exhibitions, activities. 3) Night life. Bars, clubs, restaurants. I know a lot of fancy places. 4) excursions for children. I also can tell history of the city in context of a game. Also I can help with finding hotels, hostels, cars, places to eat and etc. I can also meet you at the airport and we will continue our trip by bus or taxi. I love to meet new people. I want to show Russian culture ( it’s not as crazy as you thought before, but will see ). I have friends all over the world and i would like to have more! It’s great to share cultural experience and to reach the love and friendship all over the world ❤️



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