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Tiranë, Albania
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About Elisabeta

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About Elisabeta

Hello there! My name is Elisabeta. I’m 24 years old. And I’m originally from Has, Albania. I have Master Degree of Regional Political Studies and a Bachelor Degree 'Political Studies'. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity yet of working directly in this field which I really love it, but time to time I have been a participant of different workshops, trainings and international conferences in Balkans and Europe and currently I'm working as an Education Consultant and Recruiter. I have an infinite interest regarding history, social and political events, cultural aspects and so on. I like walking, hiking, spenending time in nature, reading and writting. I’m a food lover, so I like to try different cousins. I’m an animal lover as well, even tho that last years I haven't had any pet.. Currently I live in Tirana, already 7 years. Tirana ia a beautiful city, which by last years changes has more colors and interesting things to visit and activities, especially for youth. My favorite place is Artificial Lake of Tirana. During daytime I would start a tour and discovering the city by walk, focusing at historical places, such as House of Leaves, Bunk'Art etc. After I would bring quests to shopping places or stop somewhere for a drink (beer or wine) or grab something to eat (burek ;) ). . Then we would go to Coin or another place in 10+ floor to see a stunning view of Tirana. I consider this as a great way to make friends :)



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