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About Ayşegül

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About Ayşegül

Hi Dear Guest 🙋‍♀ My name is Aysegul and I am 26 years old. I have been living in Istanbul for the last 4 years. I have been in and out almost all of the districts and I know streets of Istanbul like the back of my hand. Besides working as Istanbul local guide in Istanbul for a long time, I am also working in a 5 starred hotel. I am exactly in the tourism sector, so I can advise you about where to stay, where to shop or where to party in Istanbul. Apart from this, knowing a new person means meeting with a new culture and a whole new perception. This is the best part of being a local guide in Istanbul. We will enjoy each other’s companionship as well as places that we explore.

Things to do in Istanbul with Ayşegül

If you are a tourist in Istanbul, maybe travelling alone is not the best idea for you. Someone should tell the stories of historical landmarks or help you to bargain with local shopkeepers. Well, I love to be the one who accompanies you during your trip in Istanbul. We can plan your Istanbul Private Tour considering your interests, budget even the weather! I will make sure that we won’t be skipping the parts which take a big part of the history and culture of Istanbul. As your Istanbul Tourist Guide, I will include Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque in our checklist for sure and I will help you to not wait in long queues. If you already visited Historical Peninsula and would like to do something different, I will introduce you to the modern part of Istanbul where local people socialize and enjoy several urban activities. Speaking of urban activities, did you know that nightlife in Istanbul is something remarkable?

Nightlife in Istanbul with Ayşegül

Especially for Istanbul nightlife tours, there are lots of options and you may not find the must see places by googling it. I am especially experienced in Istanbul nightlife tours. You may have heard of a few names when you were searching for clubs in Istanbul. Due to high demand, quality service is not the first concern of such places. Instead of getting exhausted in a popular club, I will show you the best rooftop bars, local pubs and vibrant clubs full of fun. I also arrange boat tours in Bosphorus with Turkish Night concept, so it can be an option as well. I can answer all your questions regarding Istanbul nightlife areas, Istanbul nightlife prices as well as accompanying you during our experience. For a safe and secure nightlife experience it is my pleasure to guide you in Istanbul. Let’s discover this lovely city together, make your experience more fun and unforgettable and let me make you see Istanbul with the eyes of a local!



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Guest Reviews

  • Hersh
    03 January 2020
    I have been with aysegul for 2 days, and I had a very very nice time with her as she is so kind and friendly, It was a great experience with her It was my second time with local experience site but with aysegul its totally different i recommend everyone to choose her, she have all the experience to how communicate and adapt with you Thanks for her to let me spent that great time in Istanbul💋
  • Hersh
    01 January 2020
    Aysegül is a lovely lady, very social. I have loved her joining us and bringing laughter to the table. She definitly is a great person to show you around or join you for any activity.
  • Jeeten
    28 October 2019
    Very helpful to my family thank u
  • Peiman
    21 October 2019
    Hi I met her for 2 days. She was fantastic, very friendly, she knows Istanbul very well. She has very warm blood, She is very easy going, respectful, polite and funny. She knows her job very well, we went to the best places in Istanbul. If you want to enjoy your time in Istanbul, you should go with her undoubtedly Regards Peiman
  • Imran
    06 June 2019
    Awesome... exceeded expectations
  • Mohammed
    31 March 2019
    Absolute pleasure!! Aysegul is a wonderful person, smart, charming, and has the ability to understand what people like very quickly and setup a plan that is best suited. She is a fun person with a great personality and makes you feel comfortable immediately. She knows the best places and is highly recommended. Had the best time seeing the good side of Istanbul that I would have never known about. All the best Ays and look forward to seeing you again!!
  • Kais
    20 March 2019
    Great local experience. Thank you
  • Amer
    02 September 2018
    Really had a great time with Aysegul in Istanbul. She's so kind and patient. She knows best spot in Istanbul and she help us to capture alot of moment for our holiday. really grateful to meet her.
  • Abdulaziz
    01 September 2018
    Aysegul is a smart and charming guide! She knows well the city and gives you an interesting tour that otherwise you would missed out! Secret spots and the best of Istanbul. I highly recommend.
  • Ahmad
    30 August 2018
    Aysegul is a wonderful lady , she knows everything about the city , we had a great time , you can't go wrong with her , history, culture, events,food,etc,, if you are in Istanbul Aysegul is what you need.
  • Mohamad
    28 August 2018
    Aysegul is a positive and interesting person. She knows some of the cooler non-touristy spots in Istanbul. She also knows about yoga and meditation here which was a big plus for me a d lead to some interesting conversations.
  • Salman
    26 August 2018
    She is awesome! Very talented, fun conversations and places we visited. Felt like we knew each other for awhile already and wish we could have spent more time together. Would definitely recommend meeting with her. Thank you Aysegul! 🙂
  • Fadi
    25 August 2018
    Aysegul is really very professional tour guide. she showed me a lot of nice locations in Istanbul. she very polite and open minded..really I recommend her for any who looking for a excellent local tour guide..many thanks for you Aysegul
  • Abdelrahman
    24 August 2018
    Aysegul is AMAZING. She did a great job in being our guide in Istanbul. She knows all the best tourist spots, all about public transportations, and very informative and communicative. She's also a very good photographer / videographer. We are so happy to have Aysegul as our guide in Istanbul!
  • Sandy
    23 August 2018
    Was luckily to meet Aysegul. Had a nice tour with her in Istanbul. She knows well about the city and know how to create a tour based on client's interests which is plus. As a person; she is friendly and fun to hangout with. Last thing; I have a feeling that she will be a celebrity in the nearly future!
  • Joseph
    22 August 2018
    Friendly and committed, Aysegul is knowledgeable about all Istanbul famous spots/landmarks and places exclusive for locals which hard to find by tourists. She takes care of all details, ready to help and assist with a smile. My short trip to Istanbul was amazing with Aysegul and would prefer to go with her when back again.
  • Robert
    21 August 2018
    Thank you for being a friend to me in Istanbul! She showed me around Istanbul in a very relaxing way. I did not once feel that I am with a guide but I felt that I was walking around Istanbul with a friend. I had so much fun. And she knows the perfect spot to take photos and she takes the most awesome photos too. Thank you and till next time!
  • David
    20 August 2018
    A wonderful tour guide and human being. She was very easy to walk the city with. She was more like being shown around by a friend than a guide. She took me places exactly catered to what i was looking for artistically, as well as taking beautiful pics with me in the amazing tourist areas. A definite 5 star host and all around lovely Human being. :)
  • John
    19 August 2018
    Aysegul was a fantastic guide through Istanbul's nightlife. Her choice of restaurant and bars suited my wish for fine wining and dining perfectly. Aysegul is very well educated, eloquent and has a warm heart. To go fine dining with her was a delight, as she is nice, has great manners and knows how to dress for the occasion. I warmly recommend booking her!
  • Sam
    18 August 2018
    She is the best friend you have not met yet. Bless you Ayşegül!
  • Daniel
    18 August 2018
    Aysegul is a person full of life, amazing personality and knowledgeable about the city. Walking with her around the city is truly amazing and knowledgeable. She made every minute of the tour worth remembering through the life. I would say she is a gem of person. I would highly recommend her for all visitors and if i would go again i wish to take her services again as guide.
  • Jason
    17 August 2018
    Aysegul is definitely dependable and trustworthy. She knows how to make people feel comfortable and secured. she's such a sweet lady!! During my a week long trip in Istanbul, she made it as a wonderful and memorable one. She would be your first Istanbuler bestie for sure. It's not about where you go and how long you stay. It's about who you meet. and Aysegul would make your time worth in Istanbul.
  • Joshua
    16 August 2018
    Aysegul is a sweet soul. She took us around Kadikoy. She has profound knowledge about area and gave us insight in history of district and some less known stories about famous painters. We ended our tour in Bebek cathhedral where you will have amazing views of Istanbul. I highly recommend Aysegul. She is sharp in appointment, professional and will fulfil your expectations as Istanbul guide
  • Jeffrey
    14 August 2018
    Aysegul is absolutely amazing! Very kind, energetic and warm person. Took the time from her busy schedule and managed to show around beautiful parts of Istanbul City. She's very knowledgeable about history, culture, food and locals. Gave great tips, insights incl. hidden local gems. I absolutely enjoyed her company. she's so fun to listen to and hangout with. Can only recommend her highly!
  • Cristopher
    12 August 2018
    I had fun with Aysegul during our tour. We went to those famous landmarks in Istanbul more like a ‘photo tour’ as I requested 🙂. The best part is, we shared the same interests about traveling, photos and videos and she helped me took mine a lot! She is a great photographer too. She even brought me to a halal restaurant to know that I only eats halal foods. Hope to see her again soon in near future. Thanks to her, I had a great company in Istanbul. Tesekkurler Aysegul!
  • Michael
    10 August 2018
    Ms Aysegul is an amazing woman to have a Localexperience.co Guide. She is one of the best dressed, cultured and knowledgeable people I have met. I have gone on three tours of Istanbul in the last 2 weeks and she is by far the best. She knows the City, knows the world and has lots of fun cultural stories so the time flies by. She was flexible on last minute changes, organized with reservations and thus I had an amazing experience. Book Her is you have the chance as she is MARVELOUS!
  • James
    08 August 2018
    The best local tour guide in the world Aysegul was the best things happened to us in Istanbul, it was my second time in the city and I thought that I have got it all covered. Well, I was wrong; Istanbul had more secrets that only locals such as Aysegul. Aysegul helped in organizing our entire trip accommodation, food, sightseeing, exclusive tours and experiences. We really enjoyed her company and became friends. I totally recommend booking at least 8 hours tour with Aysegul in your first day in Istanbul so you don’t loose time chasing tourists lost in the city. Thank you Aysegul.
  • Fahad
    26 July 2018
    Aysegul is an amazing person. Although I had limited time in Istanbul, she managed things perfectly for me. She is an amazing person with cheerful personality. She keeps her guest mood uplifted by her happy personality. She has got million stories to tell. In addition to that her mobile camera is always ready to capture the moments and record the memories. She has an amazing sense of dressing. You don't feel like being on a tour by a guide, but its like chilling with your best buddy in Istanbul. She made Istanbul beautiful for me. 100 Recommended.
  • Imad
    17 February 2020
    The few hours we spend was memorable, appreciating Miss Aysegul nice company.
(29 reviews)
€25 / hr
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