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About Bosphorus Experience

Discover Istanbul with Bosphorus Tour!

About Bosphorus Experience

If you ask what makes Istanbul so beautiful and special, the first thing comes to someone’s mind is certainly Bosphorus! You will be stunned once you see the spectacular view of the sea which separates Asia and Europe. Are you already thinking about a Bosporus experience when you arrive to Istanbul?

It will be a beautiful experience if you choose wisely due to the fact that touristic Bosphorus experiences can be crowded and loud. You may miss the chance to see the beautiful architecture gathered around Bosporus side as well as natural beauties and get exhausted instead of having a relaxing experience at the end of the day. Luckily, you have a local friend here who would be so glad to tell you stories of Bosporus in a well-organized experience!

Back in history, first residents of Istanbul lived in Bosporus area and their wooden mansions still stand there like the first day they’ve been built. The architecture in this site is all about harmony and beauty and I can say that each house here has a story to tell! Moreover, you will see the most amazing palaces in Istanbul like Dolmabahce Palace which hosts Ottoman Sultans in 19th century and Ciragan Palace which was built in 17th century for the wife of Grand Vizier Ibrahim. In the narrowest areas of Bosporus, you will see Anatolian and Rumelian Fortresses, these lonely castles were built to defend one of the most strategic locations of the World once! Then the crystal clear bays will have a relaxing effect on you as well as the soft touch of wind and sounds of nature.

So what is the program?

● We will start with a nice breakfast by the sea in Dolmabahce Palace.

● Afterwards, half an hour of walking experince from Kabatas to Ortakoy will take place in a road which is surrounded by trees and you will have the chance of seeing many places by the seaside.

● Then we arrive to our departure point where the Bosporus experience starts. The experience will last for 4 hours and I will represent the places that we see during experience.

● When we come to our arrival point, it will be the time for dinner! We can either eat some street food, for example Kumpir which is the speciality of Ortakoy or visit a seafood restaurant to taste best seafood as well as appetizers in Istanbul.

● Best way of finishing our experience should be drinking Turkish coffee in a traditional cafe to unwind the day away!

To have one of the best city sight experiences in your life, let’s contact with me now! I would be more than glad to tell the stories of Bosporus to you in a nice and shiny day when its beauty is totally revealed!

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Experience Details
  • Places to Visit: Kabatas, Besiktas, Ortakoy, Bosphorus
  • Maximum Capacity: 6 People
  • Experience Duration: 8 Hours
  • This tour is a private tour. No other guests will join this tour.
  • Experience content is flexible and can be changed depending on you.
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