One of the greatest experience you have to do while traveling is a journey through tastes. experience is what makes our travelers very happy. Something useful, beautiful and mostly original. In fact, experiences are better than material gifts and those memories are unforgettable. An experience, whether it's a trip, a yoga class, or a candlelight dinner, will always be better than anything else! Trust a local and let be cuddled! we want to be a part of your unique experience outside from the comfort zone, experiences where you can enjoy new emotions to bring back home with you.

That’s why the Locals you can find and book from our website have created Local Unique Experiences ad hoc, for a demanding audience who wants only the best and looks for both strong and relaxing emotions. Activities to feel enriched from, while discovering something new.

Let yourself be and live an authentic experience, one of those to try at least once in a lifetime. Original and sought-after ideas to surprise you and your refined taste.

We are here to suggest an exquisite Local Unique Experience with a Local, where moments are the promise of a memory: the adrenaline of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini on the track, the sense of freedom of a balloon ride, the thrill of paragliding, a weekend in a charming hotel with spa or the taste of a gourmet dish prepared by a Top chef.

Locals have thought about all this and much more: giving unique experiences is easy and safe thanks to booking experience!

Not to mention…

… a night sleeping on a tree, the dream of all children

… a yoga retreat, greeting the sun, meditating between the fields, observing nature

… a night in an eco-chalet, to make a romantic escape surrounded by the warmth of a lit fireplace and the snow that falls down the mountain peaks

… a night sleep in an Arctic igloo, surrounded by snow and mountains, with a starry sky above

… a rose weekend, in eco-friendly facilities where you can stroll among rose gardens, and get inebriated with their scent. A special way to detach from the daily routine and reconnect with nature

… a day in a tent, an original dwelling of the ancient nomadic peoples. A unique experience of feeling immersed in nature, without sacrificing comfort

… a getaway in a local farm, to spend a few days away from the hustle, where you can rediscover the flavors of the land eating the local foods, picking olives or learning how to make cheese with locals

… living in a castle, among the ancient walls of a real castle, savoring the history and culture of the place, living like an ancient local place where once princes and princesses lived

… a night in the woods, an experiential travel in numerous eco-hotels and farmhouses immersed in the woods, where you can enjoy a holiday surrounded by greenery, deeply connecting with nature.

Do not miss the opportunity you were waiting for and experience an unforgettable moment or an unmissable adventures by choosing your Local now!

Design your Local Unique Experience following 5 easy step:

• Go to our website homepage;

• Go to the city page of your next destination;

• Reserve your Favorite Local: fill the form in just 10 seconds and, once they accept, get in touch with them;

• Detail your tailor-made plan;

• Start your journey!

Live the city as no one has ever done before!

Select a destination and reserve a Local to enjoy your Local Unique Experience NOW!

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