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About Ulkem

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About Ulkem

Hi everyone! This is Ulkem. I am a 25 years old engineer, travel enthusiast and Istanbul lover! I can describe myself as a cheerful person as well as a good dancer. Speaking of dancing, do you know that Istanbul nightlife is quite fun with its famous clubs and rooftop bars where you can see Bosphorus under your feet! Though it can be tricky if it is your first time here. If you would like to discover the real attraction places of Istanbul in your limited vacation time, your wish will be fulfilled by me. Here is a quick list of things that we can do together: ➢ We can visit best of Istanbul Restaurants where you can discover delicious Turkish Cuisine. ➢ We can have a nice drink in the relaxing and charming ambiance of Bosphorus. ➢ We can have fun in the most vibrant Istanbul clubs which offers quality music and service. Besides Istanbul nightlife activities, we can always visit Istanbul’s historical and cultural landmarks together. To make a great plan for your trip, let’s contact with me and a memorable city experience will be yours!

Things to do in Istanbul with Ulkem

One of the most important things that is identified by Istanbul’s cultural and historical heritage is food! If travel equals food in your mind, Istanbul will love Istanbul so much. After we visit important landmarks and monuments of Istanbul, I will definitely take you to traditional restaurants, fine dining places as well as street food stalls. It is totally up to you.

Nightlife in Istanbul with Ulkem

As I mentioned earlier, I love to dance and speaking of dancing Istanbul nightlife is quite something with its famous clubs, rooftop bars where you can see Bosphorus under your feet. Most of the time I am arranging Istanbul nightlife tours and therefore I am quite knowledgeable about Istanbul nightlife areas. I can suggest various places with different concepts and price scales. However, here is my top places that I love to show my guests: ● If you are looking for the best clubs in Istanbul, we will visit Sortie or Ruby. They are both vibrant, spacious places with a good atmosphere and they offer quality service and music. ● For the spring and summer time, Oligark is one of my favorite clubs. ● If you are looking for the best panoramic Istanbul view, then we will totally go to the 16th roof of Swiss. ● For exceptionally tasty cocktails we will visit Alexandra coctail bar. ● Lastly if you want to enjoy your shisha while clubbing, then Teddy will be our place. All in all, I will create a safe nightlife experience for you in Istanbul full of fun. To find out what’s the best for you, contact me now and let’s create a memorable experience.



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Guest Reviews

  • Mustafa
    16 February 2020
    She continues to be amazing. She is sophisticated, articulate kind-hearted and lots of fun. She will will go out of her way to make sure you have a memorable time.
  • Riyad
    06 February 2020
    Amazing experience we had so much fun and definitely will do it again thanks ulkem you are the best 🤗
  • Dan
    01 February 2020
    Wow , what an amazing experience ! Ulkem knows the best spots in the city and she is fun and full of knowledge .
  • Meshaal
    23 December 2019
    This is my second time with her She is the best Funny, confident open-minded person Expert in Istanbul I would like to see her again and again Thank you
  • Meshaal
    22 December 2019
    Now it was the best experience She knows the city pretty well Her language is perfect She let you feel like you are with someone you know for a long time She take care of what the guest want and have the best suggestions
  • Ayman
    19 December 2019
    “5 Star experience with ULKEM.... she was a star.... we went to the best clubs in town and had the best seats in the clubs.. she was very sweet and well connected to get us to the right places at the right time...”
  • Ken
    08 December 2019
    It was absolutely a pleasure seeing Istanbul in Ulkem's company. She planned it for me exactly I had requested for - walk on local streets, eat local cuisine, see key places, try turkish coffee & local wine. Uklem has a pleasing personality and she is a good conversationalist and fluent in English. I would strongly recommend to look for Ulkem if you want to make most of your Istanbul trip. Enjoy!
  • Anand
    06 December 2019
    She was wonderful. She will keep you engaged throughout the time. She thoroughly knows turkey and I would definitely recommend her. No need to look at any one else for your turkey tour.
  • Halit
    01 December 2019
    The best trip that I enjoyed with Friend I just meet in all my Tour In turkey
  • Arshad
    25 November 2019
    Ulkem was wonderful, had a great time with her ,she is really bubbly and social will recommend to anyone who enjoys clubbing and dancing .
  • Musa
    06 November 2019
    Simply amazing. Showed me all the best places. Very sociable and kind. Don’t miss out on her best experience I’ve ever had, Truly made Istanbul better.
  • Jeeten
    30 October 2019
    Thank u ulkem for your kind support . U r really good
  • Lawrence
    29 October 2019
    Ulkem is a wonderful guide for Istanbul. She made my tour enjoyable and fulfilling. She has good knowledge of the local culture and historical references which makes her a unique guide.
  • Jeeten
    28 October 2019
    Great company , very decent and helpful
  • Daniel
    28 October 2019
    Ulkem was quite professional and friendly. She knows how to create a great nightlife experience for anybody as she did for me. I had a great night
  • Mahmood
    24 October 2019
    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ulkem is kind and polite person . She knows very well how to satisfy her guests .You can talk easily with her , she is educated and respectful for everything . Don’t waste your time to decide a guide for your Istanbul tour , I can highly and strongly recommend to choose her . You will never be remorseful!!! See you soon ulkem ! Nice to meet you.
  • Saad
    22 October 2019
    Overall a good experience. Nice, friendly guide who knows the right places and contacts at the right time. Recommended
  • Sonny
    19 October 2019
    Great experience!! Ulkem is very knowledgeable and polite. I highly recommend her. Should have been 10 stars!!
  • Mubarak
    01 October 2019
    Ulkem is very supportive, informative and an amazing guide. She’s fun to be with. I really had a great time with her and I will definitely recommend her name to all my friends in case they visit Istanbul anytime soon.
  • Rami
    29 September 2019
    Ulkem is a professional guide that helped me a lot to see new and different places in Istanbul.....highly recommended and really a friendly joyful person.....Thank you Ulkem
  • Twana
    17 September 2019
    It was an amazing experience with Ulkem and I have visited different countries but Ulkem was an enthusiastic and smart guide she is very polite and respectful, I cannot forget her strong and polite behavior, Ulkem is giving a great meaning to Istanbul, I am thinking to get in a true and real relationship with her. Ulkem is another Istanbul she can add a different value to Tourists industry through Istanbul. I would like to met her again , thanks for everything she has done ❤️
  • 96/5
    16 September 2019
    It was a very good time with her . She showed me around which I wanted to see . I saw public areas as well . She is cheerful and respectful about her guests and any other people . I’m pretty sure that if you choose Ulkem as a guide you will be so happy until end of the tour . You can talk everything with her she is so polite and never judge you for anything . I can easily advice you this website and her guidelines. I hope I can see her any other time and if I see her in india I’ll be happier 😊 . Thank you for all you have done my friend! Best wishes for all your life to you . See you soon .
  • Jigar
    14 September 2019
    Ulkem is very polite and helpful. She is always trying to best thing for you . You can feel like you have a real friend in Istanbul whenever you want she can try to solve your problems and give you best advices . You can ask her the best hotels to cheapest hotels , luxury areas to public areas wherever you want . I can certainly advice you to choose her as a guide . I’m pretty sure that You will never be remorseful. Hey friend ! Thank you for everything, I hope I can see you when I come back to turkey again! Good luck to you in your life . See you soon 🍀
  • Khalid
    13 September 2019
    Amazing tour, she knows her way around the city and she was friendly, well educated and very cheerful.
  • rahul
    12 September 2019
    She break the ice within the minutes she meets me n then the whole experience was magical... !!!, she take care of me my choices very well
  • Yousef
    02 September 2019
    She's lovely lady..she's friendly ..you feel in save with here..you can save money if you going to shop with here.. i have fun and she knows allot of Istanbul...اولكم (ulekom).شكرا كثير.كان اختار رائع للمواقع التي أرتني اياها .انا بشكرك على الوقت وعلى المناظر الخلابة التي اريتيني اياها.. شكرا
  • Musa
    23 August 2019
    Great experience overall. Ulkem is an absolute company, the best you could ask for in Istanbul. She is the perfect guide who has a very classy taste. I had the best time in Istanbul with Ulkem. She was so adorable and full of personality. I had the best time in Istanbul with Ulkem. I would highly highly recommend her. You are “Best”.
  • Aden
    17 August 2019
    The experience was simply amazing! Ulkem was very friendly, courteous and has a great smile with a cheerful personality. She is the perfect guide who has a very classy taste and knows Istanbul like the back of her hand. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to have a great time exploring the city and would love to have her as a guide on my next trip to Istanbul. Thanks Ulkem! 👍👍
  • M
    14 August 2019
    Ulkem is a very pleasnat personality- she showed me around well in a short time available to me in Istanbul- her choice of selecting dine out place was impeccable- Great work Ulkem
  • Z
    14 August 2019
    Very special girl, I really enjoyed my time With her, true guide of istanbul.
  • Daniel
    06 August 2019
    Ulkem is great. Very joyous, open and cheerful. She has great taste and is both very helpful and enjoyable to have with you.
  • Tada
    23 July 2019
    I had the best time in Istanbul with Ulkem. She was so adorable and full of personality. She was very entertaining and courteous. One more thing that I loved with her; she hasn’t stopped smiling for the whole moment we were together. Keeps making the world shine with your smile and Keeps spreading love and openness 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
    10 June 2019
    Ulkem is that kind of people that breaks the ice in no time, as if she is close friend long ago, really she is the perfect companion if you alone in town,
  • Roshan
    31 May 2019
    Ace of spades. Wonderful experience
  • Michelle
    16 May 2019
    Ulkem was a wonderful guide and make my trip to Istanbul special. She took the time to take me to all the way out places I asked to go as well as places she suggested that I would never have known to go to that were fabulous. I would highly recommend Ulkem to anyone wanting to get to know Istanbul and have fun doing it. Plus I learnt a little more Turkish!
  • Hanna
    10 May 2019
    It was very nice experience with Ulkem She is the best, knowing the city very well, helpful and polite person. I recommend her as professional guid
  • Faisal
    30 April 2019
    Ulkem is very beautiful and excellent one i've ever seen..She is wise,brave,helpful and knowledgious..Hope to see her again and hearty wishes for her.The way she helped me i should be grateful to her...
  • Mustafa
    28 April 2019
    Ulkem is smart, classy, attentive, polite and a perfect guide with whom to explore Istanbul's upscale night life.
  • Z
    21 March 2019
    Ulkem, she is lovely, educated and lot fun, we had the best experience of Istanbul ever. She guides you and shows you what it means to be local.
  • Sony
    07 December 2018
    Great host! Had a really good time.
  • Mohanbabu
    17 July 2019
    Explained very good
  • ahmad
    10 November 2019
    Did not show up.
(42 reviews)
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